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“The Queen’s Speech relating to the North West

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, UNISON North West Regional Secretary Kevan Nelson said:

“Fewer than two out of five voters supported the Conservatives on May 7th, and this Queen’s Speech does not match the priorities or wishes of people in the North West.

“For many UNISON members in the region, the attraction of devolution of power from Westminster is that it offers some potential to protect us from the endless cuts that Conservative governments inflict upon us.

“UNISON is engaging with the Devo Manc proposals in Greater Manchester and calling for a commitment to more funding, greater democratic-accountability and a favouring of public sector organisations as the best providers of public services.

“UNISON also wants a consideration of alternative governance arrangements that cover the North West.  It’s not enough just to have a directly-elected mayor in Greater Manchester.  We need a devolution of funding and powers to people in every city, town and county.”

UNISON North West’s position statement on Devo Manc is available here: Devo Manc Position Statement – 19 May 15